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Sarah Doom:

Finding a family at the office

While attending a community college for her associate degree, Sarah Doom spent most of her free time watching Cold Case and Forensic Files and was certain a career in the legal field was in her future — as a Paralegal, to be exact. After finishing her associate degree, she jumped at the opportunity to attend a four-year university program to pursue a degree in criminal justice. It didn’t take long before she realized criminal justice wasn’t her passion after all. “I interned at a law firm for a year, and then I learned that being in the legal world was not something I really wanted to do.”

The experience also showed Sarah what she wanted from her career: work-life balance, growth potential, and a supportive team environment. Luckily for Sarah, a career with those qualities was just an elevator ride away.

After leaving the legal world, Sarah started working at an office as an Administrative Assistant. A few years later, Sarah caught wind that a new company, True North Solutions, was hiring for an executive assistant position in the same building. “One of the people I talked to all the time in the building came up to me and told me about the job and said, ‘You might want to go talk to them about it,’” she says. “So, I did. That’s how I got introduced to the True North team.”

Sarah knew True North was the right fit from her first meeting with Rick Dmytryshyn, President of US Operations, when he assured her she would have the opportunity to advance within the company. “That’s just part of life — you want to grow, and that’s initially what intrigued me,” she says.

After getting to know the team better in her new position, Sarah quickly realized that the growth opportunities weren’t the only thing she would like. “My favorite part is just talking to people and getting to know each other personally and building those relationships where any employee can come and talk to me about anything,” she says. “I’m a people person, so those things are very important to me in and outside of work.”

Sarah has been with the True North team in Denver since the beginning, and for over five years, the promise of growth in the company has come to fruition time and time again. Her role has expanded into many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the US office outside of the usual executive assistant duties, like overseeing safety responsibilities and managing HR tasks like onboarding new team members and managing payroll accounts. “I wear many hats,” she says. “It’s really nice to have growth opportunities.”

She has also enjoyed being part of a team that has grown consistently since she started in 2018. “I’m not just excited for True North’s expansion, but for the employees like me who are getting promoted to take on new roles. Because once they do, it’ll be a successful skyrocket from there up.”

Sarah says the company’s success and longevity of team members come from the work-life balance True North offers its employees and the company culture that has grown from that. “All of us here are genuine, authentic, good people, and we all care about each other and care about our families,” she says. “That’s one of the good blessings I have with True North; my family can still be my number one, and everyone in the office supports that.”

Although Sarah’s career is different than she expected when she started out, she wouldn’t change a thing. She is proud to be part of a supportive team and a tight-knit work community. “They’re not just my coworkers,” she says. “It feels like a family.”

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