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In today’s industrial world, operational technology (OT) and connected devices have streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Real-time data exchange has enabled predictive maintenance, optimized processes, and informed decision-making, fostering better performance.

Unfortunately, this connectedness exposes critical infrastructure to cyber threats that target essential control systems and industrial networks. Fortunately, robust OT cybersecurity measures can ensure resilience against cyber threats; mitigating risk of disruption, protecting sensitive data, and upholding the trust of stakeholders. That’s where the OT Cyber team at True North Solutions comes in.

True North Solutions OT Cyber team ensures resiliency against cyber threats; mitigating risk of disruption, protecting sensitive data, and upholding trust of stakeholders.
What does OT Cyber deliver?

An expert OT Cyber team to meet your evolving security needs

At True North, we understand that the demands placed on information security programs and teams are significant and constantly changing. We know how difficult it is to fully address these security demands in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our experienced OT Cyber team will work with you to provide vendor agnostic resources and expertise needed to maintain your organization’s security as part of our high-value security development and maturity programs – all with a risk and business-focused approach.

The True North advantage

Tried, tested, and ironclad: confidence in our compliance and your data

True North recently underwent an independent third-party assessment involving physical inspections of our facilities and audit testing of our physical system, documents, personnel, and policies to ensure compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity reliability standards and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) smart grid guidelines and standards.

Based on the information identified during the assessment, True North invested heavily in our OT cybersecurity controls framework, standards, tools, equipment, and processes to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of North America’s largest utilities, energy systems, and industrial operators.

We are proud of our demonstrated leadership in this area and are confident that our compliance will contribute to the security of all our clients’ project data.

True North Solutions OT Cyber services are tried, tested and ironclad.
True North Solutions OT Cyber services for your operational technology cyber risk assessment needs.

Operational technology cyber risk assessment

Operational technology is at the heart of the industrial control systems (ICS) and the critical infrastructure that is fundamental to our daily lives. Securing these systems against a cyber attack is vital to ensure safe and reliable operations.

The OT Cyber Risk Assessment is a simple, scalable method to help clients identify the maturity of management, operational and technical controls, agree on a target level of maturity for your organization and understand how to resolve any gaps. This repeatable process allows for benchmarking and future progress to be demonstrated to senior management and board-levelsponsors and the outputs of the assessment can be used to streamlinefuture risk assessment work.

A common Maturity Scale is used across all our assessments to compare against both repeat performances and benchmarks, and can help identify the ongoing impact of any changes.

True focus on safety and quality

Whether on a client site or at our headquarters in the US or Canada, we conduct ourselves with the utmost attention to safety, quality, and workflow-based execution best practices.

  • True North complies with our clients' requirements for Certificate of Recognition (COR) status in the regions where it is required.
  • Across all our operating regions, True North's health, safety, wellness, and environmental programs are structured to support the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.
  • Our safety and environmental target is zero incidents. This is more than just a target to be achieve – this is a fundamental value. Regardless of geographic location, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding industry standards.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority; this is the first item on our list of True Values, and it’s something we strive for in everything we do.
  • Our quality program is designed to ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient, and secure solutions for clients across various industries.
  • At the beginning of every client engagement, we work with our clients to establish expectations and key performance indicators to ensure alignment before the work begins. Quality is then driven by our Leadership and project execution teams, and measured, reported on, and continuously improved.
  • By prioritizing quality, we help you optimize your operational technology infrastructure, mitigate risks, and achieve long-term operational success.
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Protect your organization with an industry-leading OT cybersecurity controls framework, standards, tools, equipment, and processes designed to meet even the most stringent security requirements.