Alarm Management

Alarms are a first line of defence for controlling process safety incidents. Through timely alerts, process alarms enable operators to take swift corrective action, safeguarding both personnel, productivity, and assets. They’re a critical operational and safety function, but alarms create their own set of challenges.

The challenge is that adding process alarms has become simpler as control systems have modernized. The result has been a shift toward alarming for every potential issue, which has led to operators being inundated with nuisance alarms. And when everything is alarm worthy, nothing is very alarming.

That's where the experienced Alarm Management team from True North Solutions comes into play.

True North Solutions alarm management solutions help deliver the right solution to streamline your alarm management process.
What is Alarm Management?

The right solution to streamline the alarm management process

At True North, our Alarm Management team offers expertise in optimizing and streamlining alarm systems. With customized solutions and the right software, we enhance your system's efficiency and reliability.

This ensures operators can quickly identify and respond to abnormal situations, minimizing downtime, mitigating risk, and protecting your assets.Let our experienced team audit, design, and implement an ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 compliant alarm system for your organization.

The Alarm Management Lifecycle

True North Solutions alarm management lifecycle optimization.
Alarm Management services

An alarm rationalization process that reduces operational risk

True North's expert alarm management team offers solutions across the alarm management lifecycle, from philosophy to support. This typically includes the following services/process:

  • Conduct an initial alarm management audit with benchmarking, using commercial software or True North data analysis tools
  • Support the selection and implementation of commercial alarm management software
  • Assess or create an alarm philosophy
  • Generate standards and procedures to support the philosophy
  • Perform full or focused alarm rationalization and provide implementation support
  • Support implementation of the results into the control system
  • Support ongoing bad actor reviews, including a 90-day alarm reduction to within industry targetsDesign and implement advanced alarming solutions
  • Design and implement advanced alarming solutions
  • Support in-depth analysis and resolution of alarm floods
  • Support periodic alarm management audits, a regulatory requirement for some industries
  • Participate as an ongoing part of your team to ensure the alarm management program facilitates continuous improvement
True North Solutions alarm management services helps you implement an alarm rationalization process that reduces operational risk.
True North Solutions alarm management services improve alarm performance with the right management solutions.
The True North advantage

Improve alarm performance with the right management solutions

Our Alarm Management team is equipped with the expertise, workflows, and technology to optimize your operation's alarm processes, turning your alarm system into a streamlined, invaluable asset for critical operations. Here's why:

  • When you work with True North, you're accessing a multidisciplinary team of operational technology experts. That means our Alarm Management team is backed by control and functional safety specialists, and implementation and configuration services, which can all be integrated with alarm management projects. Our Alarm Management team works under the supervision of a professional engineer, guided by the same quality management standards as all other True North engineering deliverables.
  • True North is a vendor neutral company, which means we seek out the right software and technical concepts for your control system, organization, and operational model.
  • Alarm management team members are process controls experts, which enables them to engage more efficiently with client resources by working through alarm rationalizations more independently.
  • True North uses commercial or in-house tools to deliver analyses, deliverables, and solutions to fit your unique requirements.

True focus on safety and quality

Whether on a client site or at our headquarters in the US or Canada, we conduct ourselves with the utmost attention to safety, quality, and workflow-based execution best practices.

  • True North complies with our clients' requirements for Certificate of Recognition (COR) status in the regions where it is required.
  • Across all our operating regions, True North's health, safety, wellness, and environmental programs are structured to support the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.
  • Our safety and environmental target is zero incidents. This is more than just a target to be achieve – this is a fundamental value. Regardless of geographic location, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding industry standards.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority; this is the first item on our list of True Values, and it’s something we strive for in everything we do.
  • Our quality program is designed to ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient, and secure solutions for clients across various industries.
  • At the beginning of every client engagement, we work with our clients to establish expectations and key performance indicators to ensure alignment before the work begins. Quality is then driven by our Leadership and project execution teams, and measured, reported on, and continuously improved.
  • By prioritizing quality, we help you optimize your operational technology infrastructure, mitigate risks, and achieve long-term operational success.
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Eliminate alarm floods, ensure ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 compliance, and increase operational efficiency with an Alarm Management Solution from True North.