Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

From equipment and machinery to infrastructure and vehicles, connected assets play an increasing role in business – and simply keeping things running isn't enough. Intelligent, data-driven asset management decisions are key to avoiding disruptions, serving customers well, and driving innovation. True North Solutions' Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) team can help.

True North’s proven methodology and exceptional, multidisciplinary team delivers a strategic approach to assisting clients along their asset management journey. We provide the expertise and resources for a complete EAM transformation and use a vendor neutral software selection that ensures a solution tailored to your organization's needs.

Job site heavy equipment working in conjunction with True North Solutions' Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).
What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Manage the lifecycle of your complex asset environment

Enterprise Asset Management combines software, systems, and services to maintain assets and equipment. Essentially, EAM empowers companies to know what they have, where it is, how important it is, and who’s responsible for managing and maintaining it.

EAM covers the entire lifecycle of an asset, from procurement through operation and maintenance to eventual asset disposal or decommissioning.

LIfecycle management chart highlighting complex asset environment for True North Solutions.
What's involved in Enterprise Asset Management?

Start to finish EAM solutions

Our fully integrated EAM solutions are managed by our seasoned, multidisciplinary EAM leadership team. Our approach, developed through decades of international EAM experience, takes clients through the following process while providing stackable, affordable solutions.

1 Assessments
  • Assess asset and work management strategies
  • Analyze as-is processes
  • Develop future state road mapping
  • Identify business, technical and application requirements
  • Select appropriate software
  • Gather field equipment data and audits
  • Develop reporting procedures and KPI
  • Lead asset management maturity self-assessment
2 Software selection

On behalf of our client we:

  • Engage and manage vendors throughout the process
  • Craft demo script, datasets, and scoreboards based on client requirements
  • Facilitate vendor product demonstrations
  • Summarize scoring
3 Readiness
  • Gathering of current existing processes
  • Review of current state of data for modules to be implemented
  • Data cleansing plan
  • Re-engineer “to-be” processes
4 Implementations
  • EAM system implementations
  • Master data transformation and migration
  • Application design and configuration
  • Enhancements/new feature deployments
  • System integrations
  • Go-live training and handover
  • Cloud migrations
  • IoT integrations to EAM solutions
5 Report and KPI development
  • Business reporting development
  • Key performance indicator development and optimization
6 Support
  • EAM system support
  • Software upgrades
  • Technical and business
  • Training services
The True North advantage

Harnessing the value of EAM with True North

True North's EAM team provides a comprehensive suite of services aimed at aligning corporate EAM initiatives with organizational goals.

By collaborating with clients to address asset performance, reliability, downtime reduction, and regulatory compliance objectives, they strive to optimize the effectiveness or lifespan of assets through processes and systems.

This holistic approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters sustainability, positioning your organization for long-term success in a competitive market.

True North Solutions employee working with equipment to help provide a comprehensive suite of services aimed at aligning EAM initiatives.

True focus on safety and quality

Whether on a client site or at our headquarters in the US or Canada, we conduct ourselves with the utmost attention to safety, quality, and workflow-based execution best practices.

  • True North complies with our clients' requirements for Certificate of Recognition (COR) status in the regions where it is required.
  • Across all our operating regions, True North's health, safety, wellness, and environmental programs are structured to support the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.
  • Our safety and environmental target is zero incidents. This is more than just a target to be achieve – this is a fundamental value. Regardless of geographic location, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding industry standards.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority; this is the first item on our list of True Values, and it’s something we strive for in everything we do.
  • Our quality program is designed to ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient, and secure solutions for clients across various industries.
  • At the beginning of every client engagement, we work with our clients to establish expectations and key performance indicators to ensure alignment before the work begins. Quality is then driven by our Leadership and project execution teams, and measured, reported on, and continuously improved.
  • By prioritizing quality, we help you optimize your operational technology infrastructure, mitigate risks, and achieve long-term operational success.
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Whether your organization is implementing a new ERP, undergoing a digital transformation, or simply seeking greater predictability in maintenance, True North can help. Together, our EAM experts support our clients in all aspects of consultation and implementation — from performing initial needs assessments, mapping business processes, implementing and integrating solutions, executing user acceptance testing, facilitating training, to providing post-go-live support.