Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering

When it comes to electrical and instrumentation (E&I) engineering service providers, there's often a gap. On one side, you have the EPC approach to service that covers everything from start to finish and is best suited to larger greenfield projects. On the other side, there's the consultant who brings expertise without the bench strength to service the project through its lifecycle.

True North Solutions' E&I team was built to fill that gap as a stand-alone service backed by multidisciplinary expertise and scalable labor.

True North Solutions electrical and instrumentation engineering team delivers complete E&I solutions for industrial and commercial projects.
What does the E&I team deliver?

Complete E&I solutions for industrial and commercial projects

True North's E&I Engineering team specializes in understanding our client needs and delivering comprehensive designs, from project conception through detailed engineering, to final as-built drawings. Our team's diverse skills and abilities enables us to provide comprehensive services that span from utility connection to end device. We specialize in engineering solutions for industrial and commercial clients and we are committed to small, medium, and large projects, including new facilities, expansions, and upgrades.


Comprehensive electrical expertise

  • Control room, control building, rack room detailed design and engineering
  • Electrical building/E-house detailed design and engineering (electrical layout, lighting, HVAC, etc.)
  • Single line diagrams, power systems design
  • Electrical system coordination and arc flash calculations and labeling (ETAP)
  • Fugitive emission studies
  • Hazardous area classification drawings
  • Electrical equipment specification and design (switchgear, MCC layout and design, VFDs, soft starters, automatic transfer switches, transformers, power distribution panels)
  • UPS specification and design, battery autonomy studies
  • Off-grid and backup power systems design (load determination, isolation consideration, grounding, battery, and panel sizing, methanol/ hydrogen fuel cell, solar power systems, generators)
  • Control panel design (panel layout, BoMs, power distribution and I/O wiring schematic drawings)
  • Construction work packages
  • Cable tray systems design (specification, general arrangements, weight load, cable fill, and routing)
  • Junction box and field wiring design (layout, wiring diagrams, cable schedules)
  • Intrinsically Safe wiring systems design, descriptive systems documents)
  • Network wiring design
  • Fiber optic cable systems design, patch panels, termination diagrams, loss budgets
  • Procurement support, vendor selection, quotations, bid evaluation
  • CAD services (generation and revision, as-builts)
True North Solutions electrical and instrumentation engineering team provides full scale instrumentation expertise services.

Full scale instrumentation expertise

  • P&ID development
  • Directive 017 (accuracy and maintainability experience for instrumentation specifications)
  • Instrument audits
  • SMARTPlant / INTools development and management
  • Practical engineering (valve sizing and flow meter selection)
  • Vendor drawing reviews
  • Measurement instrumentation selection, procurement, and commissioning
The True North advantage

Scalable, multidisciplinary consult-to-construct E&I services

During the project conception phase, we can collaborate with our EAM team to identify opportunities for maximizing the lifecycle value of electrical assets. This facilitates data-driven capital planning and investment decisions, regulatory compliance, and improved maintenance.

Together with our colleagues, we offer a complete electrical and instrumentation solutions consisting of engineering, panel fabrication, installation, integration, testing, commissioning, and field services. We work as an integrated team across engineering disciplines, including OT Automation, to ensure monitoring and control elements and power systems are fully installed, integrated, and functioning as planned.

True North Solutions offers the advantage of scalable, multidisciplinary consult-to-construct E&I services.

True focus on safety and quality

Whether on a client site or at our headquarters in the US or Canada, we conduct ourselves with the utmost attention to safety, quality, and workflow-based execution best practices.

  • True North complies with our clients' requirements for Certificate of Recognition (COR) status in the regions where it is required.
  • Across all our operating regions, True North's health, safety, wellness, and environmental programs are structured to support the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.
  • Our safety and environmental target is zero incidents. This is more than just a target to be achieve – this is a fundamental value. Regardless of geographic location, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding industry standards.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority; this is the first item on our list of True Values, and it’s something we strive for in everything we do.
  • Our quality program is designed to ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient, and secure solutions for clients across various industries.
  • At the beginning of every client engagement, we work with our clients to establish expectations and key performance indicators to ensure alignment before the work begins. Quality is then driven by our Leadership and project execution teams, and measured, reported on, and continuously improved.
  • By prioritizing quality, we help you optimize your operational technology infrastructure, mitigate risks, and achieve long-term operational success.
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